• "The title track on the album, Who I Am, is an instant classic. This song will take the listener back to the days of the late 80s or early 90s traditional country music scene."

    Sean Payne Country Music Armadillo
  • "This album is worth checking out if you’re a traditional country or honky tonk fan. There is plenty of pedal steel sprinkled throughout this album and the production by Jonathan Parker is top notch."

    Joshua Wallace Gary Hayes Country

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Who I Am (EP)

Who I Am

Often wondered if I could go back in time, would I do it the same way again. And I know I would.


Corporate Man

Let me tell you a little somethin', you just don't realize. When they dig our graves down in the ground they'll both be the same damn size.


The Reflection

I look in the bottom of this empty glass. That man starin' back at me is a ghost from my past.


Ain't Gonna Change

That man's raised more hell than the devil would allow. Drank more liquor than a whiskey bottle spout.



Headed where the wind takes me, not knowin' where I'll go. The sunset is my compass. It's the only guide I need.


100 Years Too Late

I grew up in a simpler time, when you could spin a record on a dime and songs told stories you could relate to.


One More

But you know it won't change who I am. We've already traveled down this road. So one more and I'll be comin' home.