TJ Hernandez entered the music world in 2018 with his debut EP and a simple statement: Who I Am.

Where the Mississippi River flows near Southern Illinois is where TJ’s story begins and his love for music started to grow. His father had country music playing like a soundtrack to his childhood. Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings and all the greats were telling their stories through song and he listened intently. TJ gravitated towards learning to play the guitar as a child and continued to play until life began to overpower a young man’s dreams. Although he never lost his love for music, he didn’t return to his country roots until Jamey Johnson released his Lonesome Song album. It was at this point that the young man’s dreams returned. He began playing again and the fire grew. Soon, he was introduced to the independent country music scene and from there “3 chords and the truth” filled his mind and soul.

Hernandez’s debut album introduced us all to a country singer/songwriter who’s lyrics are rural America; honest, hard-working and dependable. As he tells us in the song 100 Years Too Late, “I grew up in a simpler time, when you could spin a record on a dime and songs told stories you could relate to.” TJ believes we still need sad country songs and he believes we still need good beer drinkin’ country songs ... and that is exactly what he’s created.