A Breath of Fresh Old-School Country Air: TJ Hernandez, "Who I Am"

"What a breath of fresh air it was, then, for me to listen to WHO I AM from TJ Hernandez. Immediately upon clicking on the first track in my player, I realized I wasn’t listening to mainstream country pop music. (Huzzah!) I was listening to old school country--in voice, lyrics and musicianship, this was country music as it was when it was known as Country and Western..."

Dennis Russo - Critical Blast

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Album Spotlight: “Who I Am” – TJ Hernandez

"TJ Hernandez released his Extended Play (EP) album, Who I am, on October 8th, 2018. The album is produced by Jonathan Parker and Clyde Mattocks and features seven original, traditional country tracks. Listen up folks. Have you ever been to a live concert and you never heard of the opener, and that opener completely blew your mind? Or, have you ever heard a song on the radio for the first time that hooked you on an artist? This album is that. A review of this album isn’t even really necessary..."

Sean Payne - Country Music Armadillo

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Album Feature – TJ Hernandez – Who I Am

"I recently started seeing the name TJ Hernandez pop up in a few Facebook groups as someone to look out for. I also saw that he had a debut EP out with seven tracks to dig into. You know every time I hear about someone getting buzz like this, I have to check it out. I’m glad I did because I’m here to tell you that TJ Hernandez is worth your time and money to give a listen to. TJ is out of a small town in southern Illinois called Godfrey, but he traveled to Goldsboro, NC to record this album. He enlisted fellow troubadour Jonathan Parker to produce the record and it came out a winner..."

Joshua Wallace - Gary Hayes Country

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